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We've Been There

East Side is a new UX design and product strategy consultancy in Los Angeles and New York. We’re a small team that love medium-sized companies in a big way. An experienced team—our principals have been collaborating for almost 20 years—we’re bringing the consumer-design skills we’ve learned working with startups and Fortune 500 companies to B2B companies around the world.

Your Redesign is Serious

Of course it needs to look pretty. But that can’t be all it does. Our UX strategy process starts with questions, so we’re sure we’re solving the right problem. We continually look for evidence that we’re moving in the right direction. We validate with real users all along the way. And we work with your team to make sure implementation looks just as good as the concepts. Work with us: This is what we do.

Let's Get This Right the First Time

We’ve done dozens of redesigns. Don’t start yours without talking to us. Our team combines deep knowledge of UX design and research with years of experience in product management. We’ve managed design projects for huge companies and brand-new startups. We’re hands-on, focused on the nuts and bolts, and small—so you know you’re getting our full attention. Come inside and meet the family.

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