Yossi Langer

Yossi runs East Side day to day and oversees all client work directly. He has been solving user experience design, usability, and human factors problems for mobile and web applications for nearly 20 years. He was principal of Iteration Group from February 2013 to January 2017, where he ran all research, discovery, design, and management for more than 40 redesign projects.

Yossi previously led product and user-experience teams at Viacom, Fotolog, American Express, and AOL. At Viacom, Yossi created the Lean Testing Lab, which enabled the company to cost-effectively conduct user experience research and iterate on designs for dozens of products.


Christine Whittle

Christine has almost 20 years’ experience in digital product design, spanning roles in user experience strategy, UX design, user research, and visual design. She takes a compassionate, research-based approach to understanding and solving problems for users of cross-platform products, while coaching teams and clients through the discovery process.

Christine has led UX and design at numerous companies, including The New York Times, Viacom, Thomson Reuters, and AOL, and has consulted at technology and healthcare startups. At Iteration Group, she managed a key long-term client in the medical device industry. Christine has also mentored students in UX strategy and research and has co-authored an open-source product discovery guide.


Jill DaSilva

Jill is a global user experience strategist, educator, mentor, speaker, and consultant. In addition to her work with East Side, Jill also serves as an IxD Advisory Board Member for Santa Monica College and served as the Lead UXDI Instructor + Global Education Strategy Team Member at General Assembly.


Shannon Curren

Shannon has been designing for print, web, and interiors for ten years, but now brings her talents to bear on East Side Strategy’s business operations. Prior to East Side, she worked at Commune. She has a passion for native plant gardening and is a graduate of FIT and UC Santa Cruz.

What is East Side?

We are dedicated to the proposition that working with a user-experience team should be straightforward, clear, and rewarding. We want to bring great experience design out of the high-tech centers of the world and into every business that needs it—which is to say, every business.

We've Known Each For Years

Two of us met on our first day in the workforce and have collaborated ever since. We've all been working together for years.

We Love Working Together

The East Side team has worked on dozens of strategy and design projects over the last decade. We've enjoyed each more than the last.

Client Work Makes Us Go

Like many other nice people, we find others' problems far more interesting than our own. We do this because we like to help people.

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