Welcome to the East Side

Hi! I’m glad you found me over here.

I moved on from a full-time job running Iteration Group at the end of February. East Side is what’s next for me: a user-focused product-strategy consultancy that will let me be hands-on with my clients. I’ve loved my last four years running Iteration Group, and learned an enormous amount—but missed doing the direct work of creating user experiences. I found myself spending my time managing teams, budgets, and schedules, rather than focusing on the work at hand.

East Side is where I plan to get back where I belong: in the weeds.

Christine, Hank, and Shannon are joining me in East Side, and I couldn’t be more excited about them as a team. Hank was one of the very best hires I made at Iteration Group, a passionate and engaged UX designer and researcher with a hunger for knowledge. Christine is one of the finest designers I know. She and I started as interns together on the same day almost 20 years ago. And Shannon is a world-class designer in a variety of media who’s turning her attention to running our operations.

If you’re an Iteration Group client and you’ve enjoyed working with me in the past: Great! You can still do that. I’m still managing projects on behalf of Iteration Group, and talking to the fine folks there is the best and easiest way for you to involve me in your projects.

If we never worked together through Iteration Group: well, why not? But I invite you to become East Side clients directly. Let’s talk about that.

I’m excited to get started.



Yossi Langer

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