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B2B Redesigns

You’ve got customers to support, and not all of them are looking for change. You’ve got a team to focus, and not everyone will start off on the same page. And you’ve got a deadline and KPIs to hit. So we start by making sure we’re solving the right problems, and we proceed in a way that manages your customers’ expectations and your team’s needs.


Experience Audits

We give you a 360-degree view of your customers’ experience, talking to your current users, the users you’d like to have, your stakeholders, and your front-line workers, as well as reviewing your traffic, competition, and overall UX maturity. At the end, you’ll have a database of KPI-focused insights into your customers’ experience and a detailed set of specific, actionable recommendations to design against.


User Research & Strategy

How do you respond to what your customers need without stopping to build everything they’ve ever asked you for? We’ve spent hundreds of hours honing our technique, so our research is focused and directed toward actionable results. We’ll make sure we’re using the right techniques to arrive efficiently at decisions to move your business forward.

Strategy, UX, and More

We’re trained as user-experience researchers and designers, and great customer experiences are at the heart of everything we do. It informs the work we do on strategy, product management, and marketing research and design.

Interaction Design

When it comes to interaction design, we live in the weeds. We pride ourselves on designs that are intuitive, thorough, and delightful.

Prototyping and MVPs

The faster you can get something real into customers’ hands, the faster you can learn and improve. We’ll work with you to find the most important part of your idea and get it in front of real people&mdashfast, so you can move to what’s next.

Graphic Design

Look, feel, and brand are critical parts of a user's experience with your product, and no design really works if it doesn't effectively communicate your values. We create beautiful, user-centric graphic and brand design work.

Team Workshops

Whether it’s leading our workshops on interviewing and recruiting users or working with teams to identify their biggest challenges, we love coming to you and working side-by-side for a couple of days. Talk to us about customizing a workshop for your team.

A Long List of Happy Clients

East Side is new as of April 2017, so we’re just getting started with our first clients now. These are some of the amazing companies we’ve been proud to work with in the past.

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